Konex AV offers all technology products and services. To save you time, and help our designers prepare for your visit, open each section below and answer only those questions that pertain to your interests. When complete, enter your information at the bottom and click send.

How many individuals in your home will use Wi-Fi?

How many TV’s will you be installing in your new home?

Do you use Desktop Computers for work or school?

Is the idea of sharing fast internet with all your devices appealing?

Do you have home phones or fax machines?

Would you like to share a Printer on your network?

Do you own smart appliances?

Do you know where to go in your home when you have service interruptions?

Would you like a Video Doorbell or Network Surveillance Camera System?


Today’s Smart Phones, Tablets, Web Browsers, Home Office computers, Television…all require Internet connectivity. Fuzion can help eliminate frustrating, slow connections with a robust Internet Network. Help us understand your needs:

Do you work from home or do your kids remotely connect to school?

Would you like Wi-Fi available outside your house?

Do you stream TV shows or Movies?

Are you a Gamer?

Have you ever counted the number of devices you have on your network; you may be surprised. Add up the items you currently have and enter the qty’s below:


Fuzion offers a full line of TV’s and Projectors from Sony, Samsung, and LG. We also offer all types of mounting solutions with professional installation, even over fireplaces

Have you created a layout for TV locations in your new home?

How many TV’s do you plan to install?

How many existing TV’s, if any, do you have and plan to use at your new home?

How many TV locations will have wall mounted televisions?

Do you have wall mounts for these TV’s?

Prior to your Showroom visit, please determine your specific locations for wall mounted TVs.
Note: Wall mounted TVs require the addition of electrical outlets behind each TV at your desired height.
During our meeting, we will mark electrical outlets on your floor plan and submit to M/I Homes.


Nothing brings a home to life like music, and there’s no better time to install in-ceiling speakers than when your home is being constructed!

Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family?

Have you ever used a whole home music system?

Is accessing unlimited songs and artists at your fingertips appealing?

Do you currently subscribe to a music streaming service?

Would you like to play your TV’s audio thru speakers in your house?

Would you find it convenient to adjust all room speaker volumes from your smart device?

Are you interested in playing music on your Patio, around the Pool, or in the Garage?

List the rooms you would like speakers installed:


Love watching movies? Family night will never be the same. Experience cinema quality video and immersive multi-channel surround sound without leaving your home. Create this experience in a Media Room, an open layout finished lower level, or in a dedicated movie room!

Are you a movie buff but no longer enjoy a public theater experience?

What screen size do you anticipate using in your new Theater?

Does controlling your theater with 1 button press interest you?

Do you have an online library of movies or TV shows?

Have you considered a multi-screen system for the ultimate home sports bar?

Do you prefer to have your A/V equipment hidden or located in the theater room?

Would you like information on lighting control and window treatments for this room?